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Exprience Tourism, have you tried ?

Experience tourism, and as the name, this type of tourism gives visitors a lot of interesting and new experiences. Society is increasing modern, the pressure is also increasing, so traveling to relax after a stressful wworking period has gradually  become the trend of people in the 21st century. The form resort tourism and experience tourism is still quite new in Vietnma, although it has already been popular in the wworld. The following arrticle wil help you better understand wwhat experience tourice is well as useful information about this tourism type.

1. What is experience tourism?
Experiential tourism, as the name suggested, this type of tourism gives visitors a lot of interesting and new experiences. For example, you will be able to delve into the life and culture of the indigenous people, work with them on a daily basis or prepare a dish with the characteristics of that region.

For experience tourism, the place you stay may not be a luxury hotel or resort. It can be sleeping at a homestay or resting in a very popular place (in the form of a homestay) as long as during the trip you are immersed in the people and nature of the place you set foot into.

Experience tourism helps you integrate and better understand the local culture and people, and at the same time gives you a lot more interesting and new experiences than the traditional form of resort tourism. However, this form also requires more health and time than  you travel in the traditional way.
Vistors are camping near stream. Source: Dong Rung Van Ho Cooperative
2. What is the difference between experientce tourism and other types of tourism?
The biggest difference between experience tourism and other types of tourism is that tourists will have to be more active in their journey. Experience tourism does not limit you about places, times or funny activities and everything is very comfortable and you are the host of that game.

Experience tourism can be: life experience tourism, experiential ecotourism, cultural experience tourism, … In other words, it is all types of tourism and has an additional element of experience. 

3.What is the current trend of experiential tourism?

In Vietnam today, experience tourism is gradually becoming a trend chosen by many people, not only young people but also many families of all ages have begun to choose this form of tourism for their trip. Because experience tourism not only allows them to see beautiful natural landscapes, but also directly participates in cultural activities and daily life of indigenous people. From there, it opens up many things and understands more about the life and culture of each region.

It would be great if you had enough time and health to participate in such rewarding travel activities. With experience tourism, you will bring back more than a trip. That is practical knowledge, colorful personal perspectives that each person can bring back for themselves after each trip.

Currently, Van Ho Agritage is working with the people of Buot village to build a sustainable experiential tourism model so that tourism will become one of the spearheads to help develop the local economy while preserving the long-standing indigenous culture at this place.



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