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Developing Heritage Agriculture from Te Rau Rice

Glutinous rice is a specialty rice variety that is only grown in remote areas in the highlands. In fact, the actual planting encountered many difficulties and there was a period of time when people stopped planting.
Since 2019, when the project “Promoting gender equality through improving economic efficiency of agricultural production and tourism development” sponsored by the Australian Government was implemented in Son La, people have been trained and educated. create and continue to plant rice.

Up to now, farmers have had a bumper crop, good quality and a consumer market. Fields growing non-bearded rice have also become places to visit, exchange, and learn from experiences. From this rice variety, people started plans and strategies to develop heritage agriculture and agriculture associated with tourism, in order to retain beautiful stories about the life of the poor but colorful village.

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Master chef Christine Ha and Buot village women create dishes from local ingredients

Within the framework of her visit to Vietnam, American “Master Chef” Christine Ha visited and learned about the operating model of Van Ho Forest Field Cooperative at Van Ho Agritage Ban Buot, along with ethnic women at Chaan village. dishes from local ingredients. On September 17-18, the Northwest Development Cooperation Center (TABA) coordinated with social. . .

In community tourism, women dare to “speak up”

Community tourism associated with converting agricultural methods only really started in Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province from 2020 – when the national grid was pulled across the villages. Women in the villages learned to do tourism and learn chemical-free farming from scratch, and up to now, those transformations have helped them. . .

Ban Buot – Originates the Heritage Agricultural Model

Nestled in the middle of the mountains and forests of Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province. There is a village of Thai ethnic people who live very peacefully with nature. We, Van Ho Agritage, have been developing a system of heritage agriculture and ecotourism with the goal of bringing clean, quality products. . .

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