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How to Go Safely in the Forest

Forest exploration tourism is a type of experiential tourism that is no longer unfamiliar to many people. If you are a thrill enthusiast who wants to experience this form of adventure tourism, don’t ignore Van Ho Agritage’s rules below to have a safe and enjoyable trip to the forest! 

Find out the destination

You should study the map carefully and have a suitable schedule before the trip. You should find out information in advance about weather conditions and safety at the place you plan to visit. Besides, you should also calculate your ability to move according to your strength, avoiding overexertion (on average, each person has the ability to walk about 12 to 15 km). Before leaving, you should inform your relatives or relevant parties about your trip itinerary and travel time to prevent any unexpected events from occurring.

Cách đi rừng an toàn

You should study the map carefully and have a suitable schedule before the trip. Photo: Van Ho Agritage

Things to bring when going to the forest

Preparing personal items before “going to the forest” is also extremely necessary. Depending on how long or short your trip in the forest is, you should prepare appropriate equipment. Below are some suggestions that Van Ho Agritage wants you to understand to have a safe trip to the forest:

  • Backpack: Backpack is an indispensable item on all backpacking, travel or picnic trips. When going to the forest, it is best to choose a specialized power backpack with many compartments to hold more items. Choose a high-quality waterproof backpack with a full lining and an additional waist strap to stabilize your body to help you move more comfortably and easily.
  • Clothing: For clothing, you should choose clothes that are loose, comfortable, and have good absorbency, and wear a long-sleeved shirt outside to avoid scratches from thorny branches in the forest as well as to protect your skin. Protects the body from colds due to sweating or exposure to forest winds. Besides, you should also wear specialized forestry shoes with soft soles and good anti-slip ability.
  • In addition to the above suggestions, you also need to prepare equipment for trekking in the forest such as: Knife, flashlight, scissors, lighter, trekking stick, compass, wading boots and medical medicine such as flu, malaria, etc. bandages, plasters, insect bite creams and lots of drinking water. Van Ho Agritage specifically suggests that you prepare an additional water disinfectant (aquatabs) in case you run out of mineral water or boiled water to bring along along the way. The principle when preparing gear for the forest is: “Bring enough, moderately and compactly”.

Be careful when walking in the forest

Besides preparing important and necessary items when going to the forest, you should also understand the following tips when moving in the forest:

The most suitable time to go to the forest is from 6 am to 4 pm. Therefore, before going, you should calculate a reasonable time in case it gets dark quickly, which can easily cause disorientation.

Cách đi rừng an toàn

The most suitable time to go to the forest is from 6 am to 4 pm. Photo: Van Ho Agritage

According to Van Ho Agritage’s safe trekking experience, you should go in groups to avoid getting lost and easily support each other. When moving in dense vegetation, you should mark the road you just passed with simple signs to avoid returning to the same place. Move at a distance so that you can support each other in case of trouble, do not separate and go alone, especially when going through dangerous roads.

Cách đi rừng an toàn

You should go in groups to avoid getting lost and easily support each other. Photo: Van Ho Agritage

If you are traveling in the forest and it suddenly rains (no matter how big or small), you must remember to move up. Because in the forest, floods come very suddenly and are extremely dangerous. If it’s not raining and you see the water naturally turn cloudy and have rotten leaves floating down, you should move higher because that is a sign that a flood may be coming.

When going into the forest, you should choose discreet clothes such as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, thick socks, apply insect repellant fully and do not expose your legs and arms to avoid intrusion. enter them. If you are traveling to the forest for the first time and may not be familiar with the rough terrain, you should go slowly and firmly to avoid slipping. You should bring a trekking stick as a tool to help you climb less tired.

If you are unfortunately lost, staying calm is the important thing you need to remember to avoid becoming disoriented due to panic. Then you should look for trails or follow the flowing water. In addition, you can light a fire to create smoke, or emit sounds and signals to hope for help. You can eat wild fruits (non-poisonous), absolutely do not eat poisonous or colorful mushrooms.

Above are the safe experiences in the forest that VHA wants to share with you. Hope you will find this information useful.

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