Khi đàn tôm, cá trở về bơi lội tung tăng trên các dòng suối trên bản Bướt
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When shrimps and fish return, they swim and frolic in the streams in Buot village.

Ban Buot is a peaceful land located in the heart of high mountains and old forests in Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Son La province, Vietnam. This place was chosen by the Thai and Muong ethnic minorities as a long-standing settlement. The name Buot is the pronunciation of Uot, because the whole village is surrounded by a clear stream flowing from the upstream forest.
Fish stream is one of the typical landscapes of Buot village. The stream lies across the village, flowing around stilt houses, rice fields and tea hills.
In recent years, Buot village has had a big change when switching to organic agriculture. This change has brought many great benefits to the ecosystem here. Applying organic farming methods helps the land, trees and water become cleaner and purer. The use of pesticides and toxic chemicals has been significantly reduced and people have switched to using composted manure along with probiotics, using biological pesticides, or growing other types of vegetables. flowers to attract insects… Therefore, nature has gradually restored its pristine state.
Thanks to this change, the water source of the stream in Buot village has become clearer and cleaner. This is the ideal living environment for fish and shrimp to grow and develop. The cool, murmuring streams, schools of fish and shrimp swimming freely, creating a lively and harmonious picture of nature. This not only makes Buot village more attractive to tourists but also contributes to the protection and sustainable development of the natural resources of this land.

Khi đàn tôm, cá trở về bơi lội tung tăng trên các dòng suối trên bản Bướt Khi đàn tôm, cá trở về bơi lội tung tăng trên các dòng suối trên bản Bướt Khi đàn tôm, cá trở về bơi lội tung tăng trên các dòng suối trên bản Bướt

Photo: Buot village fish stream with thousands of fish swimming freely

Khi đàn tôm, cá trở về bơi lội tung tăng trên các dòng suối trên bản Bướt Khi đàn tôm, cá trở về bơi lội tung tăng trên các dòng suối trên bản Bướt

Photo: Organic rice fields in the village
Ban Buot, with positive changes towards organic agriculture, has become an ideal destination for those who love to explore wild nature and fresh air. Lush green rice fields, stretching tea hills, and clear streams full of fish and shrimp create a beautiful scene, promising to bring visitors unforgettable experiences.
If you have a chance, you must visit Van Ho Agritage in Buot village to feel and have your own experience!

Ban Buot has the wild beauty of mountain and forest nature

In Buot village, we have a peaceful village, surrounded by old forests, clouds covering the early mornings, green grass and trees, the sound of streams and waterfalls flowing day and night and friendly and gentle people. Find nature, find the feeling of being immersed in those simple features to relax and be at peace, not. . .


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