Cycling around the village

The cycling experience around the village is suitable for all ages. You will cycle through the flower fields next to the rice fields, past the stilt floors of the villagers and enjoy gentle moments of relaxation, whether alone or with friends.

One day as a farmer

Have you ever experienced the feeling of standing in the middle of a rice field, hearing the whispering of leaves, breathing flowers and flowers mixed with the scent of mother earth? You will enjoy that feeling with one-day farming activities in Buot village. But not only stopping there, you also get instructions to grow organic. . .

Cultural experiences

The Thai community in Buot village still retains its long-standing cultural traditions. For tourists, they will be immersed in the cultural activities of the villagers such as weaving, crafting, weaving around the campfire, and enjoying the bustling music of the Thai ethnic people.

Explore Tat Nang waterfall

The origin of the name of Buoi village is very much related to Tat Nang waterfall because this is the place where water flows from the forest to the village and is also the main source of water for domestic use of the villagers. To reach the waterfall, you just need to walk along the. . .

Explore the bat cave

Surrounding the village are numerous forests and mountains, including many limestone mountains. They form natural caves that villagers have to find hard to discover. Bat Cave is a cave people used to shelter bombs and hide from the American war. There are also many unexplored and unnamed caves waiting. Anyone with an adventurous spirit can. . .

The jungle trekking Experience

Jungle trekking is an experience activity for those who love to explore, you will experience walking on natural forest paths, overcoming various dangerous terrains, sometimes walking in the open fields or Wading streams, waterfalls, passing through forests, … under the guidance of indigenous peoples with long experience in the jungle. Each trekking trip is an. . .

Experience a natural fishing stream

There is a stream along the Buot village called the fish stream. The reason the stream is called a fish stream is because it contains a lot of fish freely swimming, villagers have set a rule to protect the fish from being caught. Over time the fish become very precious, so tourists can easily get. . .


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