Not far from Buot village are hot mineral springs year – round in the Phu Mau village and the poetic Ta Nang waterfall. Visitors can rent motorbikes of local people or trekking to Phu Mau and Na Bai villages and enjoy the majestic and poetic scenery of the gift that nature bestows on this place.


Tat Nang Waterfall and Chieng Yen hot mineral spring, Van Ho:

From Butt village, visitors can rent motorbikes to travel to nearby tourist destinations, visit villages in the middle of the Northwest jungle and discover white foaming waterfalls. Tat Nang Waterfall and Na Bai village are destinations that visitors should not miss. Tat Nang Waterfall is located in Phu Mau I Village, Chieng Yen Commune, Van Ho District. The waterfall is more than 100m high, divided into 3 floors, surrounded by green trees, visitors will be immersed in the harmony of the sound of the waterfall rumbling with the sound of forest birds singing, blending with the unspoiled nature and cool water stream.

Tat Nang Waterfall, Phu Mau village, Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district, Sơn La. Picture: Agritage Vietnam

Na Bai Van Ho village  has a peaceful scene, the yellow color of rice fields interspersed between the green of the mountains and forests and the stretching tea hills. Simple among these immense landscapes are the stilt houses of the Thai and H’Mong people.

Na Bai village, Van Ho. Source: TripHunter

Hang Kia – Pa Co: About 40km from Bot village, Hang Kia – Pa Co is also a potential tourist destination with beautiful, unspoiled nature and unique cultural features of the Mong ethnic people which are kept almost intact. Coming to Hang Kia – Pa Co, besides the road to explore the village, visitors can set foot on destinations that still have untouched beauty such as tea hill, plum garden in Ta Xuong A area, Ta Xo area, Thung A Lang… Along the roads connecting the hamlets and villages, the highlands in the mountains should not be missed, which is an ideal place to “hunt clouds”. That is the Heaven Gate area, the Pa Khom area going to Thung Mai or on Sam Tha mountain, you can see Pu Luong peak (Thanh Hoa) and Pha Luong peak (Son La).

Hang Kia, Pa Co. Source: Internet

Lac village Mai Chau: about 30km from Buot village, Lac village is located in Mai Chau valley, on both sides of the road leading to the village are rice fields stretching to the top and distant mountain peaks. Coming to Lac village, visitors seem to be entering a peaceful small world not only with clean walkways, solid but rustic stilts, simple but very close and familiar, but also because of many interesting destinations that not all tourist destinations have.

Lac village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh. Source: Internet 

Legendary S-Road: 29km from Buot village, this is definitely a check-in place in Moc Chau that travel enthusiasts cannot ignore. This famous S-shaped road is located in Long Luong commune, Van Ho district, Son La. This road bends as soft as silk, shaped like an S. Check-in here, you will be comfortable posing with beautiful poetic scenes, every angle here is possible for you some photos “for a lifetime”.

Nang tien Waterfall – Tuyet Tinh Northwest: 57km from Buot village, Nang Tien waterfall belongs to Chieng Khoa commune, Van Ho district, Son La province. The waterfall consists of 3 floors, each floor has its own unique look. The scenery on the first floor is gentle, with a lake as deep as an adult’s waist, guests can go down to take a bath. Going to the second floor of the waterfall, guests have to go upstream, although it is a bit difficult to go, but the result will be unique photos in the background of the waterfall falling into the emerald green lake.

Nang tien waterfall, Chieng Khoa commune, Van Ho district, Son La. Source: Internet