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Located in the middle of mountains and forests in Chieng Yen commune, Son La province. There is a small village chosen by ethnic minorities as a long-standing settlement and named the village as Buot village. It still preserves the valuable heritages of both nature and culture such as nature and customs, indigenous cultivation methods to traditional dances.

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Tay Bac Investment and Development Co., Ltd. is a social enterprise. We gather young people with aspirations to use knowledge, science and technology for socio-economic development in the rural and mountainous areas of Vietnam that face many difficulties. We always aim to accompany farmers in different regions.
With a vision to 2025, TABA Agritage will become a pioneering complex with a model agricultural heritage ecosystem model. Sustainable development, creating a unique feature in Vietnam’s agricultural industry.
Our mission is to preserve and develop Vietnamese heritage agriculture. Pioneering in bringing regional specialties to every home, attracting the community closer to the local and local culture. Along with that is the connection and communication of unique cultural values ​​in the region.

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Te Rau rice is specialty rice cultivated only in remote highland areas. In fact, cultivation actually met many difficulties and there was a time when people stopped cultivating.

From 2019, when the project “Promoting gender equality through improving economic efficiency in agricultural production and tourism development” funded by the Australian Government in Son La, people are trained to create and continue to cultivate this rice. Up to now, farmers have had a good harvest with good quality and a consuming market. The stubble rice fields also become places of interest, exchange, and learning experiences.

From this rice, people began to develop heritage agriculture, development plans, and strategies to associated agriculture with tourism, in order to retain beautiful stories about the life of a poor but colorful village.

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Running along Buot village there is a small stream called fish stream. The villagers have set the rules to protect fish from being caught, so the fish can safely live in the clean water flowing from the jungle. Over time, these fishes become very valuable, so visitors can easily get photos taken with hundreds of fish swimming around that can hardly be captured elsewhere.

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